VA Claims Denial & Benefits Appeals

VA benefits claim denialIf you have had your VA claim denied, or did not get the rating you deserve, we can help. The Valor Firm represents veterans worldwide in getting the proper rating for their service-connected disabilities. Our attorneys are accredited by the VA to represent veterans in their appeals, and each is admitted to practice before the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims. This representation is not limited to geography and we represent veterans across America and even worldwide.
After an initial consultation, we will begin gathering copies of your VA claims file, military records and medical history. Then, using our own network of doctors, specialists and experts, we do the job the VA didn't do the first time around.

As you know, the government moves at its own pace, and just getting the records can sometimes be its own battle. You can help us get started by filling out our intake questionnaire. Even if we cannot take your claim, we will give to you everything we've gathered and let you know our thoughts on how best to proceed.

It is crucial that we begin examining your claim as soon as the VA makes its decision - click here to tell us about your claim.


  • Agent Orange
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Gulf War
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
  • Secondary problems
  • Military Sexual Trauma

How long do I have to appeal?

You have one year to file a Notice of Disagreement (NOD) which preserves your opportunity to appeal the decision rating. If you wait longer than a year to file your NOD, you will likely have to refile your claim and be subject to a later effective date. You must file the VA Form 21-0958; the VA will not accept any other format (letter, email, etc.). Also, if an area of disagreement is not listed in your NOD, you risk losing the ability to appeal that dispute. It is very important that your NOD is thorough - we can help.

What happens after I appeal?

How do you evaluate my case?

What fees do you charge?

Our fee is based on a contingency - in other words, we are only paid if we’re successful in overturning the VA's decision. Our fee is 20% to 33% of any backpay which we recovery and depends on the complexity of your claim. We also ask that the Veteran reimburse us for costs and expenses we incur to pursue your claim. What this means is you keep 80% to 67% of your backpay, 100% of your monthly check going forward, and you are 100% entitled to any additional benefits (such as healthcare) which your new rating entitles you.

What if you can’t take my case for a VA appeal?

We’ll give you all of the materials we’ve gathered - this typically includes your VA C-File, your OMPF, VA treatment records, in-service treatment records, and outside medical records. We will also endeavor to put you in touch with an attorney or VSO who can assist you with your appeal.