Records Requests & FOIA Litigation

freedom of information act logo Half the battle in successfully appealing the VA’s rating denial or upgrading the character of your discharge is gathering the necessary evidence to support your application. Although there are laws in place, such as the Freedom of Information Act and the Privacy Act, that require the government to provide a copy, free of charge, of your records in its possession, it does not always comply with those laws. You can follow [these instructions] to begin the process yourself.

Contact us if you need help getting your records from the government. In many instances we can provide this service free of charge to the Veteran pursuant to a FOIA provision which requires the government agency to pay the attorneys fees. For other records requests that do not require the filing of a lawsuit, we can provide this service for a flat fee.

What is FOIA or the Privacy Act

How do I file a FOIA request?

What if the government denies or fails to respond to my FOIA request?

How long do I have to appeal a FOIA denial?