Discharge Upgrades and Correction of Military Records

other-than-honorable-dischargeIf you have a less than Honorable Discharge from the military, you are likely losing out on benefits you would otherwise be entitled to. Many less than honorable discharges are unjust or erroneous, including some veterans who were punished because of undiagnosed psychiatric illnesses caused by experiences while in the service.

More than 13,000 servicemembers separated in recent years and given an Other Than Honorable discharge were diagnosed with PTSD, TBI or other conditions such as adjustment, anxiety, bipolar or substance abuse disorders within two years before leaving the service. These statistics and others are detailed in a report issued by the Government Accountability Office in early 2017. The Department of Defense is instructed to give “liberal consideration” to discharge upgrade applications where the service member was separated for conduct related to these and other conditions.

The Department of Veterans Affairs recently went live with a tool to help veterans seeking to upgrade the character of their discharge. Available through the vets.gov website, the tool asks veterans a series of questions after which it gives the veteran advice on what paperwork to file, where to submit it, and whether it might be helpful to seek the advice of a veterans service organization or legal counsel.  Let us know if you've used this tool or have questions about the answers it gave.

Don't leave your application for an upgrade to chance - call us for help in getting the discharge you deserve and gain access to the benefits you've earned.  You can help us get a jump start by filling out this questionnaire.

We can also assist with correcting records and applications for Combat Related Special Compensation (CRSC).