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This manual is designed to help veterans understand how VA decides disability claims. At the left, there are links to all the articles in the manual. Using the search bar below, you can search for specific terms like “PTSD” or “DBQ.”

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Your Doctor Can Perform A C&P Examination

Compensation and Pension Examinations (“C&P Exams”) are the special medical exams used by VA to evaluate both the severity of a veteran’s disability and the condition’s connection to the veteran’s service.  The form used by VA in a C&P exam is called a Disability Benefits Questionnaire (DBQ).  The DBQ is nothing more than the standard report filled out by the doctor performing the C&P examination.  Each DBQ form is specific to an area of the body.

Most VA C&P exams are contracted out and they often leave a lot to be desired.  Veterans should know that their own private doctor, chiropractor, therapist, or nurse practitioner can also perform a C&P exam and complete the DBQ form.  VA must consider this evidence when evaluating the veteran’s claim.  This can be powerful evidence in the veteran’s favor.  Even if VA arranges for its own C&P examination, VA must weigh the private exam against the VA-procured exam.  We also encourage veterans to bring their doctor’s DBQ report with them to a VA C&P exam.

Every DBQ form used by VA can be downloaded here.

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