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MST and Headaches

Military Sexual Trauma Survivors Show Increased Risk Of Migraine

Military sexual trauma is associated with a higher risk of migraine headaches.  Researchers at Boston University recently reported that men and women veterans who reported being victims of military sexual trauma also reported a higher rate of migraine headaches.  Out of more than 800,000 veterans who were screened for the study, 37,375 were positive for military sexual trauma; approximately 66 percent were women and 34 percent men.  21.7 percent of the victims of military sexual trauma reported migraine headaches, as opposed to only 9 percent for those veterans who did not report a history of sexual trauma.  Dr. John Ney,

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Image - Women Veterans and Gulf War Syndrome

More than 25 years later female Gulf War veterans report persistent symptoms of Gulf War Syndrome

Twenty-five years after the end of the Gulf War, female veterans continue to report symptoms of Gulf War Syndrome at nearly double the rate of non-deployed females.  This is according to a recent study found in the Journal of Women’s Health.  Female Gulf War veterans reported higher symptoms of neurological/cognitive/mood and respiratory disorders considered to be hallmarks of Gulf War Syndrome.  Compared to their female non-deployed counterparts, they reported symptoms of difficulty breathing or shortness of breath at almost twice the rate.  The study generally showed strong associations between deployment status and respiratory symptoms.  Female Gulf War veterans also reported

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