We represent Veterans who have been denied their VA benefits.

And that's it.

Matthew Greig

Principal | OEF/OIF

Alton Carriere

Principal | OIF

WWII Memorial

About the valor firm

Matthew and Alton are VA-accredited attorneys and veterans who, like you, were denied their VA benefits.  We started the Valor Firm to help our fellow veterans navigate the opaque bureaucracy created by Veterans Affairs.  Our firm has only one practice area – representing veterans who have had a claim for disability benefits denied by VA.  If you’ve received a denial or have an appeal pending at the Board of Veterans Appeals or the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims, call us.  We can help.  

Contact us

If the VA has denied your claim, you didn’t get the rating you deserve, or you have lost an appeal before the Board of Veterans Appeals, we can help.  Call us at (504) 218-2510, email info@vetsappeals.com, or fill out the form and we’ll get back to you quickly.

Prefer to text? Please do! You can also text us at (504) 218-2510.

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